The GMσD project – strategy for Big Data in Design and Production!

Development of the first global, continuously updated, and feature based manufacturing variation database enabling an efficient communication and management of variation across the whole value/supply chain and a Big Data strategy for quality orientation in the European manufacturing industry.

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Submission date: 4th of February
The GMσD project:

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Objectives of GMσD

The GMσD project aims at developing the first global, continuously updated, and feature based manufacturing variation database. Offering objective and easy accessible data on the achievable manufacturing accuracy, the database will facilitate/intensify communication and management of variation across design and production as well as the whole value/supply chain. This will significantly improve efficiency of development processes and tolerancing decisions (see Figure below), ease ramp-up of production lines, and support a variety of further tasks from outsourcing and supplier management to certification activities.

Three general objectives of the GMσD can be distinguished:
  1. Raise awareness of the relevance of manufacturing variation
    Manufacturing variation often has an immense impact on manufacturing enterprises which is currently largely neglected in industry. The GMσD project will raise awareness of the negative impacts of manufacturing variation that effect the efficiency of design processes, the collaboration of companies across a supply chain, the quality of production processes, and the quality of the end product. In this way, the project will support a paradigm shift from a lagging, reactive evaluation of production performance based on quality control measures towards a more pro-active, early stage approach that tackles manufacturing variation within the design process.

  2. Enable efficient acquisition of manufacturing variation data
    In comparison to other Big Data approaches, there is an extremely important trade-off between the costs and the benefits of the acquisition of accurate geometric data in production. By guidance on the use of measurement technologies as well as suitable software support tools (Back, Front End), the GMσD project will allow for a new standard to acquire and coherently described manufacturing variation data in industrial practice and generated meaningful and detailed Big Data sets.

  3. Ensure accessibility of manufacturing variation data and its innovative use
    The availability of data is just the first step. For an efficient use different stakeholders need to be enabled to use the locally generated data. The globally stored and aggregated data by means of Big Data Analytics moreover allow for additional insights not yet available and an enormous potential for the future of the European manufacturing industry.
The general objectives will be achieved systematically throughout the project duration by developing new approaches for describing and measuring manufacturing variation data, along with tools to support the efficient and easy access storage of data. The gradually developed and implemented database solutions will lead to a globalized, cloud-based GMσD database offering objective and continuously updated information on manufacturing variation and a platform for discussion. It consequently offers an enormous potential to a variety of stakeholders in a company and across the supply chain and will underpin the competitiveness of the European manufacturing industry in a globalised economy.